Investing in the Future

As a father of three children I understand the importance of education. For the K-12 education right here in the second district I believe our schools and educational institutions need support and funding for programs that provide our children with the very best technological equipment and up to date facilities to further encourage learning. I support the implementation of stronger math and science programs in addition to enhancing art and sports afterschool programs. I support grants that fund summer camp opportunities for our children. Through my support in strengthening our education system I also support parents right for school choice. I support strengthening both STEM and STEAM programs which focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art.

I will work to build a bridge between our school system and our farming industry to create new educational opportunities for our youth and help ensure that our strong farming traditions are passed on the to the next generation.

I want to ensure that programs that focus on career and college readiness are also strengthened. I believe that access to high quality innovative vocational training and certificate programs is important in providing additional options and career opportunities to our youth. I will look for every opportunity to partner business and education.

I will support tuition assistance programs for students and single parents and retention programs to ensure that all can have access to higher educational opportunities and continue on their educational journeys to graduation.

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