Protecting our Nation, supporting our Veterans and Securing our Borders

As an active military service member for 10 years and a green beret with two tours to Afghanistan I understand first hand what it means to defend our nation. National security must be one of our top priorities. Our military is the strongest in the world, and we must ensure it stays that way. I stand for not only ensuring that our men and women are trained and well equipped but to also investment into developing technologies to keep our military at the cunning edge of technology to better protect our citizens.

In this day and age we face many threats both domestically and abroad that cannot be dealt with by asking nicely. I will initiate and support bills and legislation that promise to further advance the protection our country and citizens from cyber threats, asymmetric, biological and nuclear threats. I will work strengthen our border security and security on all of our nation’s transportation systems.

Within the 2nd District beats the heart of our Army’s fighting force.

Almost every combat leader in the Army has attended some training at Ft. Benning– whether basic training, Ranger school, weapons/vehicle training, or leadership courses for commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

This shared bond with Fort Benning helps keep our Army strong, as there is no other base that is so integrated with the community when you take into account to the veteran population, the National Infantry Museum, or the various events the civilian and military community do together.

I will support Columbus getting a VA Hospital to better care for our 50,000 veterans that live in the city and surrounding areas. The demand for VA care is greater than in many cities which already have a VA hospital. I also support more accountability for the VA and private health care options for VA recipients.

I will support transition programs like the one that helped me, the DOD Career Skills Program, which will assist our servicemen and women through their transition out of the military and into the civilian workforce.

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