Growing up on a small farm I understand the importance of Agriculture. The 2nd congressional district is home to almost 6,000 farms and the backbone of agriculture in Georgia. I believe we must continue to support to the agriculture industry using instruments such as subsidized crop insurance and price supports. These programs help keep our farming industry strong and to survive weak harvests, but I also believe that our agricultural infrastructure is a strategic national security asset and must be supported as such. If we are ever geopolitically isolated from other countries we depend on for food, I do not want our citizens starving in the streets as Londoners did during WWII.

I will work to ensure that our existing farms and farmers are protected from over-regulation and international dumping. I will work for greater access for new farmers to land and capital. I support the creation of stronger technical support programs, and educational tools to help new farmers succeed.

I stand for the further development of microloans for small farmers and new farmers breaking into the market. I understand that in order for small farms and new famers to succeed programs must be available that offer flexible access to credit and reasonable to terms to fit the needs to new farmers and small farms.

I will work on programs which support the development of larger grants, that promote research and education into agriculture, and create greater access to farm financing and financial support.

I stand with our Peanut Farmers and will continue to work to stand behind programs such as the Peanut Support program in addition to creating many other strong incentives and programs for our peanut farmers to continue being the largest producers of peanuts nationwide.

I will work to help reform current standing farm bills and regulations that can help our Georgia farmers right here in the 2nd district.

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